Tired of being scared when you hear the word HIPAA? Feeling overwhelmed when the news is filled with stories of breach after breach of private data?

HIPAA compliance isn’t an option, it is mandatory for any practice or business that handles patient information.

Every day new threats emerge that focus on ways to gain access to this data. But if you are like most small practices, you are already too busy dealing with declining insurance reimbursements, staff changeover, and a list of other issues that seems to go on forever. Most practices simply don’t have the time to do what is required for HIPAA regulations. This book serves as your map through the HIPAA jungle. It explains, in plain terms, what the threats are and how you can avoid them.

Following this book will help you:

  • Create your own compliance program so that you can get compliant and then stay compliant
  • Secure your workstations
  • Perform a Risk Assessment as required by HIPAA regulations
  • Secure your servers
  • Secure your remote users and devices
  • Provide a training program for your employees
  • Create and maintain documentation of your compliance
  • Get on top of your Business Associate Agreements
  •  and a lot more….


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