HIPAA Questions? Concerned about hackers? Computers driving you crazy?

Hi there! I’m Todd Dixon. Cybersecurity and HIPAA compliance consultant, and author. I have been in IT for more than 20 years with most of those in healthcare IT. My experience is in helping practices protect their patient data from outside and inside threats, working with practices to achieve HIPAA and PCI compliance, and solving healthcare IT frustrations. EMR running slow? Payments not processing or posting? I can help!


Experience is important but so is education. I have pursued several certifications to help keep my skills sharp. I also want to make sure I stay current on the latest threats to your practice.

Why choose me? Because skill matters!

When you have a cybersecurity or HIPAA problem, not just any IT person can help you. You need someone that has the skills to naviagate you to safety.

HIPAA Compliance
PCI-DSS Compliance
EMR Software

I can’t wait to hear from you!